White Paper: Q1 2017 Video Trends Report

Hot off the press – download the TiVo Q1 2017 Video Trends Report

Consumer Behavior Across Pay-TV, VOD, TVE, OTT, Connected Devices and Content Discovery

This year has so far proven to be one with many changes for the entertainment industry, including more streaming providers entering the live TV skinny-bundle market and expanded viewing options from sports leagues. Given the growth of competition – whether from streaming services or social media – it's essential for pay-TV providers to stay on the pulse of TV's evolving landscape and to monitor how these changes affect consumer viewing habits and perceptions of providers. 

Download TiVo's quarterly report for insightful, unbiased feedback on key topics, including:

  • New:  A disconcerting trend regarding U.S. and Canadian respondents' ideal pricing for their top-20 desired channels in à la carte pay-TV packages.
  • New:  Viewership data on the hot trend of social media networks streaming high-profile sporting events. 
  • New:  Adoption of "home assistant devices" such as Amazon's Echo, and how integrated these devices are with respondents' TV viewing. 
  • New:  Results on respondents' sentiments about cross-catalog guides and content discovery. 
  • Quarter-over-quarter and year-over-year trends across pay-TV, VOD, OTT, TVE, TV network apps, connected devices and content discovery.