Q2 2017 Video Trends Report

Consumer Behavior Across Pay-TV, VOD, TVE, OTT, Connected Devices and Content Discovery

The entertainment industry experienced many changes during the first half of the year, including new streaming providers in the live TV skinny-bundle market, and expanded viewing options from sports leagues. Given the growth of competition – whether from streaming services or social media – it's essential for pay-TV providers to keep a pulse on TV's evolving landscape, in addition to monitoring how these changes affect consumer viewing habits and perceptions of providers.

Download TiVo's quarterly report for insightful, unbiased feedback on key topics, including:

  • New: Analysis of how top vMVPDs' skinny bundles stack up to the channels respondents desire the most. Learn which packages appeal to the largest group, and the changes vMVPDs need to make to gain larger market share.
  • New: The demand for voice-enabled search functionality is growing, and the report shares real data on the top voice searches being conducted today, plus best practices for increasing adoption of and engagement with voice search.
  • Which channels respondents would pay the most to watch, and what that means for how sports could be viewed in the future.
  • Quarter-over-quarter and year-over-year trends across pay-TV, PVOD, OTT, TVE, TV network apps, connected devices and content discovery.

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