Consumer Behavior Across Pay-TV, VOD, TVE, OTT, Connected Devices and Content Discovery

In 2017, the pay-TV landscape continued to evolve—and some of the most monumental evolutions included significant developments in streaming options, increased broadcast capabilities for live sporting events and expanded home integrations for smart devices. To remain competitive, pay-TV providers, vMVPDs, streaming providers, broadcast networks, and device manufacturers must keep a pulse on the expanding video landscape and monitor how these changes affect consumer viewing habits and perceptions of TV offerings.

Download TiVo's quarterly report for insightful feedback on key topics, including:

  • Quarter-over-quarter and year-over-year trends across pay-TV, OTT, TV network apps, connected devices and video content discovery.
  • The most popular smart speakers, and how consumers use them.
  • Respondents' preferred devices for voice-enabled discovery, and whether voice search is beneficial in helping viewers find something to watch.
  • The evolving world of sports content and how streaming is affecting viewership of sporting events.
  • A deep dive into sports viewers and who they are, along with the viewing habits of respondents who stream sporting events.

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