Video Trends Research From TiVo

Pay-TV operators are well aware of the challenges facing their industry, prompting many to explore a range of strategies to appeal to video subscribers. However, determining the best way evolve your video platform for success isn’t always obvious, nor is it the same for every provider.

Our thoroughly researched white paper, The Value of Video: Pay TV’s Value in the Bundle and How to Boost Its Contribution, makes the case for investing in your video service and can help you decide the next steps that make sense for your business.

  • Get the facts on the value of video services to the pay-TV bundle, with a compilation of third-party-validated statistics and trends.
  • Find out the pay-TV market truths that every operator needs to know.
  • Leverage four “strategic signposts” – key factors to consider as you weigh the different investment strategies outlined in the paper.
  • Explore three viable scenarios for platform evolution, including the short- and long-term benefits and drawbacks associated with each approach.

Raise the value of video for your business. Backed by hard data and extensive industry experience, The Value of Video provides tools that can help your service thrive now and in the future.

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